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Judas / Jude / Fizz + Others
They/He - Transmasc Enby
🎂March 2nd🎂
English only (learning Spanish)
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Please do not repost my art. If you are gonna use my art in anything, please credit me. It's not that hard.I do not want my art used in any AI programs unless if explicitly stated otherwise. Using my art for anything NFT or blockchain based is strictly prohibited.


Hello. My name is Judas. I am an artist and animator who likes to draw anthropomorphic rodents in their free time. The main medium I work with is digital art, though occasionally I do traditional art aswell. I also do sewing and painting, but rarely.I am also autistic if that even matters to anyone. Hey look everybody, I'm special!!!I'm neither a guy or a girl, I genuinely have no fucking clue on what I am anymore but I mainly use masc terms and whatever.


My content is not for people younger than 15. I draw gore and art revolving around sensitive content. While you are not banned from viewing my content if you're under 15, please note that I'm not here to babysit. I won't change my art because someone was upset by some of the themes. There are content filters on most websites for a reason, use them.I am willing to put warnings over my art, mainly so that garbage doesn't shock unsuspecting people, but unless if it's gorey and/or overall sensitive, don't ask me to tag it. I don't care if it makes a few people a wittle uncomfy, I'm not a sanitized and censored person.Outside of the obvious gore, my art can also touch on some pretty heavy themes as a way to express myself and my feelings. Yay, trauma!
Please note that, despite whatever goes on in my stories, I do not condone any of the wrongdoings of my characters nor are they meant to be seen in a positive light. any of my characters who do that are in the wrong.
I am not a proshipper or whatever you guys call yourselves. I am all for fictional expression, but I am against nasty stuff being normalized or sexualized or any -ized that portrays it in a positive manner. anyone who defends that shit is automatically gross and actually deserves to be called out on their nonsense.
Do not involve me in shipper discourse, I believe that shit is toxic as hell.


If I don't like you, I will block you. I have a ton of biases and I don't want certain people on my account, but it's not like a mini pamphlet will keep anyone out. I find DNI lists mostly pointless anyways and it should be obvious that I don't want nasty people on my account, and if I need to read a massive pamphlet of everything you disagree with to talk to you then you're probably not worth talking to in the first place.only thing specific is that i don't wanna see discourse like "vivzieparkalfredpop fans KILL YOURSELF!!" or "mpreg smegmapaste bipanlesbiangay flag users burn in hell!!" or "this person said something somewhat offensive nine years ago LET'S RUIN HIS LIFE!" like SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!! admittedly in few select cases this is reasonable but most of the time it's petty and if you enforce that shit on anyone leave me alone.
(internet discourse in general is completely stupid in my eyes.)
Other than that, if you're gross, an asshole, or just straight up insufferable, I'll just block. I shouldn't need to state who fits that criteria and pinpoint every single thing any rational human being would have an issue with.


✤ means that the following content contains graphic content. Please exercise caution before searching.


FuturamaEd Edd n EddyThe Amazing World of Gumball1000 Ways to Die (BIG BIG ✤, THIS SHOW CONTAINS REALISTIC GORE)Invader Zim ✤Happy Tree Friends ✤


Pizza TowerSlime RancherThe Binding of Isaac ✤Plants VS ZombiesSpore


ScenecoreEmoGothWebcoreFrutiger AeroGrungy Metro


Sparklecare Hospital ✤Human anatomy / cardiology ✤(because guts n shit)Jackalope cryptozoologyLost media (✤, depending on what you're researching)Anti-Piracy / Error screens (ironically i'm pro-piracy)TV logos / BumpersUglydolls (the original toyline not the movie)Speculative biology / evolution


Just so you know, I've done some shitty stuff in my past. Anything I've posted under the username DerangedNoodles or any other username you may know me by years prior is automatically disowned. I was a jerk, plain and simple, and I do not agree with those posts.I also repeatedly referred to myself with a specific fetish term (do not ask me what this term was, I don't need to elaborate for this to be justified). Nothing I did was sexual I found out about that term at a young age, had a weird interest that related to that, used that term without a second thought, and went through a really long and bad period that I only recently broke out of.
I don't wanna put this here, but some asshole is 100% going to dig that up and use my own trauma against me.
I want to move on from the past, and I don't want this shit brought up again and again. I'm sorry, and I've grown and escaped from this mindset and those gross people since then. Calling me by that term, or bringing up the shit I said, even after I've shown regret for my actions, is just a dick move. Please let people improve and heal.